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Magitek history

      Back in 1999, the story of Magitek starts In a small desert town east of Reno, NV. In 2003, all operations moved to Hamilton, IN. Early R & D focused on applying a miniature tilt sensor device to provide the signals necessary to operate a power wheelchair in lieu of a standard joystick.

      In 2000, Magitek won the Best New Product award when we introduced this innovative technogy to the world at Medtrade 2000 in Orlando, FL. Medtrade was among the largest international trade shows operating at that time. A short time later, our Chief Engineer was a Finalist and runner-up for Inventor of the Year by the Intellectual Property Organization, Washington, DC.

      Since then, Magitek has sold many production units to fund our ongoing R & D which is the final stages of devloping a wireless tilt sensor. It is another major step forward for tilt sensor application. We have also developed advanced switching systems using proximity switch and adjustable LED beam inputs, and a Hybrid system combining tilt sensor and switching technology in one unit. These systems are knowm commercially as the iZIP, iZIP II and IZIP III.

      Recent facility renovations and increased production capability have Magitek well poised for post pandemic growth in the near future.