Non joystick controls for complex power wheelchairs


Unique Solutions to Your Mobility Needs

Magitek is a viable mobility solution to those who don’t have sufficient body control to operate joystick controlled power wheelchairs.
With Magitek's technology, you can now control your wheel chair with:

Head Movement

Hand Movement

Foot Movement

Finger/Thumb Movement

Leg Movement

Any Body Movement

The Heart of Our Technology


Our Heart

Our complex power wheelchair control technology is designed to easily accommodate individual needs of the user. Magitek systems quickly connect to all makes of controllers used on major manufacturers of complex power wheelchairs via an interface cable. All systems are low profile and do not interfere with the user’s dignity.
We enhance their quality of life through mobility, power seating, computer mouse and ECU access. The more a person relaxes, the better our systems perform without tiring. Most importantly, the HUMAN INTERFACE aspect makes our designs intuitive, quickly learned and utilized in daily life. We hold this human value as our heart and mission.

Our Technology

Whether using our patented tilt-sensor technology featured on the iZIP, or the powerful iZIP II matrix switch controller connected to the Rotary Sensor Array, Magitek provides viable options when an individual presents extremely limited head or body member movement. The tilt sensor featured on the iZIP, is often worn on the head via an earpiece mount, headband or even a favorite ballcap! It may also be applied wherever predictable x-y planar movement is presented. Often a good option for those living with SCI or similar.

The capabilities of the iZIP II are virtually limitless regarding switch placement and condition (normal or toggle). When connected to Magitek’s Rotary Sensor Array, all powerchair functions may be accessed using lower extremities only. Very useful technology for persons living with ALS or similar.

See Our Technology in Action


I have been using your fabulous technology for the last 10 or 15 years at least. I get so many comments and reactions of awe and delight when I explain to grown-ups, or to classes of children, just how this wheelchair works. As a person who has had multiple sclerosis for 40 years, I see your creation as a major life changer for me.
Liz C., MA
I’m a C-4 quadriplegic with no movement below my shoulders and have been using the Magitek drive controls since 2004. I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the controls and the customer service of Magitek. This company truly cares for their products user. I would recommend this company and their products to any.
Eric D., IN
The MAGITEK Head Control has changed my life since 2000! It has allowed me the freedom to drive my wheelchair discreetly, painlessly, with minimal head movement and effortless control.
Karen V., IN