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Our award winning tilt sensor system (iZIP) has been available commercially since 1999. This was quickly recognized as the first true human interface style of controlling a complex power wheelchair and associated functions. This concept is often the answer for head control by overcoming postural and fatigue issues encountered by other “fixed” input systems. The sensor becomes an extension of the body, essentially making the head a joystick and is extremely intuitive.

The iZIP easily connects to any powered wheelchair controller. The tilt sensor is migratory and location can be changed as necessary to accommodate user's changing conditions.


iZIP II - Switch/Proximity Sensor System

The iZIP II is a highly versatile powerchair drive control system allowing virtually unlimited solutions for complex rehab applications.

By using a combination of 4,3,2 or 1 mechanical or proximity switches, including an adjustable LED beam switch, connected to the OneSwitchTM port, the iZIP II provides comprehensive control solutions for individuals with limited movements and/or strength.

The iZIP II is intended for use by individuals presenting conditions such as ALS, MD, MS, SCI, SMA or similar.

The capabilities of the iZIP II are virtually limitless regarding switch placement and condition (normal or toggle). When connected to Magitek’s Rotary Sensor Array, all powerchair functions may be accessed using lower extremities only. Very useful technology for persons living with ALS or similar.


All Magitek controllers feature our exclusive Universal Signal Port (USP). The USP receptacle provides four discreet switched outputs to activate wireless modules such as call alarms, door openers, lights, TV or any desired ECU device. To activate the USP, press and hold the iZIP activate switch for 3 seconds to disable drive signals and energize the USP. Once in USP mode, directional inputs allows the user to access these functions while the powerchair is stationary. To reset, press the active switch to return to stand-by then press again to initiate the drive start up sequence.

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We pride ourselves in finding solutions for most complex power wheel chair needs. Here are some of our solutions: