Mobility Solutions


For over 20 years, Magitek’s smart technology has proven to be the perfect powered mobility solution for person’s living with, among other conditions, ALS, MD, MS, and SCI. Our designs allow therapists and rehab engineers to apply our patented, high-end controls when presented with complex mobility challenges.

Magitek’s award winning tilt sensor system (iZIP) has been available commercially since 1999. This was quickly recognized as the first true HUMAN INTERFACE style of controlling a complex power wheelchair and associated functions. This concept is often the answer for head control by overcoming postural and fatigue issues encountered by other “fixed” input systems. The sensor becomes an extension of the body, essentially making the head a joystick and is extremely intuitive. To the extreme, after several failures with AT and no longer able to use a joystick, the tilt sensor was mounted to a thumb orthosis for a young man, age 15, living with Muscular Dystrophy. His success and skill driving allowed Josh to finish High School and College, then on to a vibrant life.


More recently, we have developed the iZIP II, a powerful switching system that can be completely operated by lower extremities only, including activation. A combination of 4,3,2 or our exclusive OneSwitch port (not scanning) for real time directional control using a single switch.

When connected to the Rotatable Sensor Array, conventional set-up, the iZIP II is very useful for persons living with ALS presenting predictable use of the lower extremities that can easily progress as a person’s driving needs change. To the extreme, a person with MD, early 40’s uses a LED adjustable beam switch mounted below the front of his armrest, activated with one finger hanging in front of the beam. Quite remarkable but well within the capability if this technology. Assistive Technology Professionals are only limited by their imagination when applying Magitek controls.

In all, Magitek brings technology to the person instead of trying to bring a person to technology!! That's the core meaning of HUMAN INTERFACE!!


We pride ourselves in finding a solution for any complex power wheel chair need. Here are some of our solutions:


I have been using your fabulous technology for the last 10 or 15 years at least. I get so many comments and reactions of awe and delight when I explain to grown-ups, or to classes of children, just how this wheelchair works. As a person who has had multiple sclerosis for 40 years, I see your creation as a major life changer for me.
Liz C., MA
I’m a C-4 quadriplegic with no movement below my shoulders and have been using the Magitek drive controls since 2004. I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the controls and the customer service of Magitek. This company truly cares for their products user. I would recommend this company and their products to any.
Eric D., IN
The MAGITEK Head Control has changed my life since 2000! It has allowed me the freedom to drive my wheelchair discreetly, painlessly, with minimal head movement and effortless control.
Karen V., IN